10 Things to be a good Father…

By | November 11, 2008

Everyone must have a dream to have a happy and beautiful family. Have a wife, kids and building up a excellent family. Family is important asset that in life. For men, you must think about how to take care of your entire family. Every men will be a father. This is some tips to you to be a good father.

1) Be a good leader – Show to all you kids with a good behaviors. Admit your wrong and try as much as you can to saying “sorry” and do not make a mistake anymore. Please put away your ego and try to admit other opinion.
2) Know Your Priorities – Some fathers have a good position in company. Please think what are the priorities need to do with your family and your works.


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  2. Kujie

    Respect your children’s mother…how you treat your child’s mother will influence the way in which the child will view his or her own role when they become parents

  3. chuckiesd

    thanks…i think this is the additional information…thanks kak jieeee…

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