Voip will make you happy.

By | November 7, 2008

Do you know that VOIP is the best solution for you? You can save a lot of money while using VOIP especially on your telephone bill. Traditionally telephone usage make a lot of cost in term make a international call. This is purposely make multi national company paying a lot on the telephone bill. VOIP is the one of solution that provides you the facility through you internet line. You only paying internet cost but save more on your telephone bill.


6 thoughts on “Voip will make you happy.

  1. Mak Su

    sayangnya, kat rumah susah nak arrange line telekom, skrg depending on handphone

  2. chuckiesd

    yer ker siannyer…kat umah ader 3G coverage tak? lau ader bley laaa pakai maxis/celcom broadband…laju jugak…

  3. Nazra

    kdg2 rasa mcm suma2nya lambat. tmbah parah nk kena tunggu lelama. tensen (~_~)


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