Keep Your Credit Card Safe

By | October 30, 2008

Credit Card and Debit Card are the most important thing used by people right now. Most of people are using Credit Cards or Debit Cards for their daily expenses. Those cards are more convenient way to pay or purchase on offline or online transaction. But the world is going faster. All changging are made include the Credit Card security issues. All of you are facing on the Credit Card Fraud. All of us is have big potencial to got this problem. While your card has been fraud, it will all your money gone using by the fraudsters.
It have a few way to avoid your card by being fraud.

20 thoughts on “Keep Your Credit Card Safe

  1. callister

    i dun have credit card or debit card..
    but i read it as a precaution cos i’m using my boy’s card rite now..


  2. chuckiesd

    ermm..even you are using your boy card. please precaution about this..

  3. nikillas

    x pernah guna pun kredit kad.. huahahahaaa… aku x suka berhutang..

  4. tentangseseorang

    wohh aku tidak menggunakan kedua-duanya. semuanya bayar cash

  5. chuckiesd

    bagus kalau tak pakai kad credit…aku nasihatkan jgn pakai langsung…

  6. berrykisses

    xpenah gne tp teringin . 😛

    well , thnx 4 visiting my blog .
    zaman sekola adlh waktu plg best eh ?

  7. chuckiesd

    berrykiss…ader baik n buruknyer pakai credit card…segalanyer terpulang pada individu tu sendiri…

  8. samdaddycool

    To be honest.. credit card is a silent killer… Beware for the first time user… People get too excited coz it’s kind of culture shock , shopping without any single cents..

    … the results.. when the bill comes.. sometimes we are speechless..

    The good side, you can use it when emergency (hotels, petrol, punctured tyres(where the workshopexcept cdt card), etc..)+ you’ll get points which can be redeemed with nice stuffs / package..

  9. chuckiesd

    that right sandaddycool…tapi biaser mula2 tu nak guna card tu untuk bender cam tu jer..but tersasar jugak..hehehehe

  10. samdaddycool

    .. tersasar.. biase ler.. manusia dijadikan dengan nafsu… 🙂

  11. chuckiesd

    biaser laa tu sdcl…kalau takder nafsu susah jugak kan…heheheh kesiann…

  12. Kujie

    semua pun kena berhati2…ingat pakai duit cash tu tak ‘kelabu mata’ ke…

    nafsu ada je kat mana-mana..:p

    saya ada kad kredit ni tapi belum pernah sekali pun digunakan untuk membeli belah..hanya untuk isi petrol

  13. samdaddycool

    paling bahaya bila dalam internet… Yelah, boleh beli banayak benda hanya guna transaksi online… mmg bahaya, nak-nak kalau ‘porn’ membership…

  14. chuckiesd

    betul tu..jangan laa sekali terlepas kepada porn membership..tak pasal2 kang..baik guna paypal..


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