Beware of Keylogger.

By | October 20, 2008

Hi All,

You know about keylogger?
Keylogger is a method to capture all the information that your are typing on your keyboard. Keylogger is one way that others people can capture all character that you are typing from your keyboard. It will be contain of your personal username, password, PIN number, secret answers, your mothers name information and all thing that belong of your personal detail. All this information are maybe it is very important and secret. Maybe it could be using on your personal banking info, Your credit card, your paypal or others document that really secret for you.
Keylogger is very common method that using to capture it. The most popular keylogger is using the software that installing automatically on your computer previously. It could be a spyware or virus that running on your computer. But nowadays the hardware keylogger is using to capture all character that you typing from your keyboard.

You know want, now they have build a device that allowed to stored all key log or character that your typing in from your keyboard. The device is calling USB/PS2 keylogger. It coming with 512KB an up to 2MB.This hardware is a small external device that will be plugged into keyboard socket or buit-in.

For full detail view in here : BEWARE OF KEYLOGGER

7 thoughts on “Beware of Keylogger.

  1. nono

    bahaya gak eh.. tapi apa guna nya benda ni, if memudaratkan.. dok pahey la! 😛

  2. chuckiesd

    bender ni boleh capture all character yg awk type pada keyboard..then keep memory tu kat dalam device tu…so beware kalau guna komputer di Cyber cafe atau pusat2 komputer di luar sana..

  3. Uncle G

    gerun gak bila baca nie.. tapi kekadang tuh pakcik terpaksa gak p cc.. celcom broadband takleh xs kat sp.. dah 2 hari dah nie

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