Avoid the Mobile Phone Fraud.

By | July 20, 2008

Mobile phone also not escape the the fraud matter. It can be theft, fraud and scam by other.  Many cell phone company are trying to protect the mobile phone from people taking advantages on this issue. But all of them (Theft) are have thousand ways to break all the security for mobile phone.

How to working all the thing away?If you taking the contract mobile phone deal,  read the agreement carefully until the end. Asking them if any curios thing that coming to your mind. Do not allow them taking advantages for you. Remember, people are always take a chance to get all your information for their own purposes.

Do not give you mobile phone number easily to other. Especially when you entering any quiz, game or contest. The contest maybe will give you the big prize. Maybe you will reward the Samsung Tocco Ultra or  you will give the Nokia N97 deals for 2 years. The prize is amazing right. Beware do not allow them to viewing or get your cell phone number easily. This the way the fraud’s can get your information through your phone also.

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