Clone Hard Disk.

By | June 20, 2008

I just want to sharing with all of you that i have found one applictaion that help you to clone the Hard Disk. Some people are need clone primary hard disk to another hard disk for bakcup purpose. This is method is very usefull for IT Administrator to backup their whole configuration for the important PC in their organization another Hard Disk for backup. If anything happen to the primary hard disk, you can change your hard disk immedietly without waiting for 1-2 days delay. This application is very useful running on IDE / SATA hard disk due new PC today is using SATA Hard disk. Futhermore it can boot throught Floppy disk or CD/DVD. It make your job easy right.

So please visit to the website and download as for free. You will provided also the manual guide to using it.
Good Luck.

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