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Avoid the Mobile Phone Fraud.

Mobile phone also not escape the the fraud matter. It can be theft, fraud and scam by other.  Many cell phone company are trying to protect the mobile phone from people taking advantages on this issue. But all of them (Theft) are have thousand ways to break all the security for mobile phone.

How to working all the thing away?If you taking the contract mobile phone deal,  read the agreement carefully until the end. Asking them if any curios thing that coming to your mind. Do not allow them taking advantages for you. Remember, people are always take a chance to get all your information for their own purposes.

Do not give you mobile phone number easily to other. Especially when you entering any quiz, game or contest. The contest maybe will give you the big prize. Maybe you will reward the Samsung Tocco Ultra or  you will give the Nokia N97 deals for 2 years. The prize is amazing right. Beware do not allow them to viewing or get your cell phone number easily. This the way the fraud’s can get your information through your phone also.

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Apa akan jadi ngan Malaysia?

Sekarang ni kecoh ngan isu-isu politik kat negara Malaysia ni. Masing-masing inginkan menunjukan yang mereka semua pandai. Mereka semua betul. Aku pun tak paham kenapa bender semuanyer terjadi.
Kalau kat parlimen tu asyik nak bergaduh jer…gaduh mcam budak-budak pulak tu…itukan pemimpin yang kita semua sanjungi?..itukan pemimpin yang kita sokong.?..itukah pemimpin yang kiter pangkah masa pilihanraya lalu? Mcam ni gaya seorang pemimpin yang bijak pandai.

Kalau bertanya kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, Apa yang rakyat Malaysia ini mahukan? Aku pasti semua mahukan seorang pemimpin yang mampu untuk menolong rakyat2 nyer…di bumi Malaysia ni. Rakyat mahukan pemimpin yang boleh memperjuangkan nasib-nasib rakyat. Itulah yang patut pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang buat.

Ni aku tengok asyik jer nak bergaduh kat Parlimen. Bukan nyer pejuangkan hak rakyat. Bukan perjuangkan apa yang rakyat mahukan. Dah macam perjuang kepentingan peribadi pulak. Kalau sebelum pilihanraya dulu…asyik berjanji…saya akan majukan kawasan saya….saya akan tolong awk semua…sekarang aper yang jadi?

Aku bukannyer nak laga-lagakan pemimpin BN dan pembangkang. Cuma aku melahirkan aper yang aku raser ngan pemimpin sekarang ni..Dahulu semasa Tun Mahathir memimpin Malaysia, tak der pun dengar sesama pemimpin gaduh di parlimen. Tak penah pun ader pemimpin keluar dari dewan parlimen..Aku sememangnya kagum ngan kepimpinan Tun Mahathir…
Die banyak memajukan Malaysia. Die laa orang yang bertanggungjawab memperkenalkan Malaysia di mata dunia..

Fikir laaa sejenak wahai pemimpim-pemimpin negara sekarang…apa yang anda lakukan untuk untuk rakyat? Apakan sumbangan anda pada negara? Turunlah padang dan tanyerkan aper yang kami semua mahukan…apa yang kami perlukan daripada anda semua..Apa yang akan terjadi jika dengan Malaysia jika semasa pemimpin bergaduh menegakkan kebenaran masing-masing..Fikirkan laaa sama-sama untuk membantu rakyat..meringankan beban rakyat…sama-sama berbincang..sama-sama berfikir….Fikir-fikirkanla dan selamat beramal…..

Develop Your Good Financial Habits.

Good financial while in your is the best job if you on track now. If you are still young the important thing you need to develop is have a good financial. Good Financial is means you are not too stress manage all your debt and your money. Along with maintaining your physical and mental health, your financial health is supremely important. Do feel is good you are working so hard until 60’s just to pay all your debt?
So i have an idea for you to have a good financial.

1) Try stop to buying all stuff by a credit. Credit is the most extremely thing that can kill you. You me cannot absorb all you money to pay it by end of the month. If you have a credit, stop it by using it anymore. Pay all your credit debt on the time. It also will improve you credit score.

2) Make sure that you are taking financial advice from sources who are not trying to persuade you to purchase something. Try to find the financial adviser who really need help you to manage all your financial. Do not paying more with financial adviser who need taking advantage on you.

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Muzee Internet Radio

Its look like common USB Flash Drive. But it is the Internet Radio. You able to hearing mostly over 13000 radio station around the world.  Muzee Internet radio is simply installed. Plug to your laptop and play your favorites internet radio station.

Muzee Internet radio is coming with simple application inside. You are able find you favorites music by searching the keyword such as music type genre, country, or radio station. If you find something you like you can save the station or even record the songs to your PC. So what does that mean for you? It’s like getting free music that you can listen to or download anywhere.

This is very useful to you for listening your favorites radio wherever your are around the world. Its really good right.

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